KTM 790 Duke LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The KTM 790 Duke is a whole lot of attitude crammed into a midsized package. DENALI LED lighting accessories up the attitude of the Duke's lighting with added visibility for rider and other motorists. Equip your KTM Duke with DENALI spot lights, fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake light. Here are some of our most popular products for the KTM 790 Duke. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new KTM. 

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KTM 790 Duke

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KTM 790 Duke Lighting & Accessories 

KTM 790 Duke

Dukes aren’t counted amongst the highest rung of nobility – unless, of course, you’re talking about the KTM 790 Duke. It’s a naked bike in more ways than one, because it has nothing to hide. As soon as you see the 790’s dynamic, bright-orange KTM look, you know what the name of the game is going to be.

The 790 Duke is the quintessential street bike that combines all the best parts of its competitors into one motorcycle. We’re not saying it’s a copycat, though, far from it. The fact of the matter just is than when it comes to hitting the pavement, few do it better than The Scalpel – in anyone.

The 799cc parallel-twin engine on the Duke gives it a respectable 150 horses of power to speed you along freeways, curvy canyon roads, or pretty much any other paved surface you decide to take the bike on. The Scalpel’s chassis is built for riding comfort, which seems to be at odds with its angular design. It’s hard to believe something that looks this aggressive could be comfortable to sit on, but lo and behold.

When you’re putting the 790 Duke into its element – that is, breezing down the road at breakneck speed – visibility is vital. The blazing KTM paintjob definitely helps, but to draw more attention to yourself, DENALI’s collection of auxiliary LED motorcycle lights gives you just what you need.

You’re really spoiled for options when it comes to picking your light pods. From the 15,000-lumen D7 lights to the hybrid beam of the D4 and the budget-friendly S4, DENALI lights will guarantee others see you and you see the road. They also look right at home on the Scalpel thanks to their aggressive styling.

The DENALI Articulated Bar Clamps grip effortlessly onto your Duke’s forks or fenders – or any bar or tube for that matter. The clamps’ octagonal inner profile keeps your lights on nice and tight in every situation, and the rotating mounting shelf lets you angle them any way you need. Ditch lighting, anyone?

That’s for the front, but the back of the Duke needs to shine brightly as well. Our B6 Brake Light mounts flush or on the license plate, and will clearly inform anyone trailing you when its time to hit the brakes.

Controlling all these lights couldn’t be easier with the DENALI CANsmart Controller for KTM bikes. The CANsmart makes it a breeze to install and independently control two DENALI light pods, a B6 light, and the SoundBomb horn. You know, in case you need to wake up a distracted driver with a 120-decibel HONK.

We at DENALI know there’s no feeling like dashing along perfect roads with the confidence that you’re safe and clearly visible to everybody. It’s in situations like those when you realize that the Duke is, in fact, the king.