Kawasaki Concours LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 27 2021

The Kawasaki Concours has evolved into a comfortable, powerful, capable sport touring bike. Concours owners know that to see and be seen LED lights are a must! You can easily add a set of DENALI fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Connie. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Kawasaki. 

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The Kawasaki Concours 14 is known outside of the U.S. as 1400GTR. However, the American name might be the more apt one. It derives from the French word “concours,” defined as a “gathering of elegant vehicles.” 

The bike has power, too. The 1,352cc inline four-cylinder engine on the Concours 14 can crank out 153 horsepower and propel the motorcycle to maximum speeds upwards of 150 mph. Filled to the brim with advanced technology and premium features, the Concours 14 builds on both the original Concours (discontinued in 2006) and Kawasaki’s Ninja platform. It’s no wonder the bike keeps steadily winning recognition as one of the best sport touring motorcycles on the market.

The Concours 14 comes with an OEM LED headlight, but more visibility has never hurt anyone. For more up-front lighting, opt for the DENALI D7 LED Light Pods. They can dish out a whopping 15,000-lumen beam of light that will cut through both darkness, fog, and rain. The DENALI DataDim technology featured on the lights lets you swap between half and full intensity with your Concours 14’s OEM high beam switch.

DENALI light pods install onto your bike effortlessly with DENALI’s Concours-specific driving light mounts. The powder-coated steel brackets screw onto the Concours 14’s fender mounting slot to keep your lights steady and properly angled.

For increased passive visibility, the DENALI DRL Pods are the ideal choice. With a wide range of mounting options, they will help other road users notice you as you glide down the road on your Concours 14.

Your bike has to also be visible from the rear as well, and that’s where Denali’s B6 Brake Lights will make you shine brightly. With dedicated flush and license plate mounts, the B6 will make sure everyone behind you knows when you pump the brakes.

The T3 Modular Switchback Signal Pods give an additional boost in visibility by bringing white visibility lights, red brake lights, and amber turn signals into one package. They can go either on the front or back of your bike, and provide the full functionality of DRL and brake lights with only one pod.

We’re not just about lights, though. The DENALI SoundBomb Horn lets you alert other road users of your presence with a mighty 120-decibel honk – four times as loud as your run-of-the-mill motorcycle horn. It’s vital to stay connected during riding these days, and our Wireless Charging Phone Mount with CANsmart™ Connection keeps your device charged for navigation and emergencies.

To power all these goodies on your Concours 14, you need to look no further than the DENALI Premium Powersports Wiring Harness. Its waterproof, compact connectors are guaranteed to keep your accessories powered up no matter what abuse they might face.

If you’re riding one of the best sport tourers, you definitely want to do so in comfortable safety. Don’t worry about being visible and concentrate on enjoying the ride with DENALI accessories.