Kawasaki Z125 Pro LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The Kawasaki Z125 Pro is pocket sized and nimble, and can provide miles of smiles. Z125 owners know they project a small silhouette, so to see and be seen DENALI LED lights are a must! You can easily add a set of DENALI fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn to get the attention you deserve. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on a Z125 Pro. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Kawasaki. 

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Because the Honda Grom mini bike was so popular from the first day it hit the streets, team green created their version, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. These little bikes put big fun on their 12in wheels, with a fuel-injected 125cc single that can hit more than 60 miles an hour even with a full-sized rider. The affordable price of entry has made customizing minis just as popular as riding them.

The Kawasaki Z125 Pro combines naked streetfighter looks in a small package that makes even your daily commute fun. With a low seat height, tiny tires, and 250lb weight, even a novice will be dragging their knee around corners like a pro in no time. It doesn’t seem possible, but eight horsepower is more than enough to make even running weekend errands around town more fun.

With smaller, slower motorcycles, being seen is an essential part of staying safe on the road, and DENALI Electronics makes it easy. The small size and low power demand of DENALI LED pods make them ideal for a mini bike like the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. To help distracted drivers see you, mount the DENALI DRL or T3 Switchback pods on the front fairing, fender, or turn signal stalks for bright running lights in white or amber and brighter than factory turn signals. In the back, the B6 pods and T3 Switchback pods or stalks work as red running lights and brake lights, and amber turn signal flashers.

DENALI also has compact horns that will blast awake the most distracted of drivers. The SoundBomb mini electromagnetic horn puts out a blast twice as loud as your typical motorcycle horn. Still not loud enough? Move up to the SoundBomb compact dual-tone air horn for a horn twice as loud as that. Its 5.5” x 4.5” x 3.5” size makes it easy to hang on a bike as small as the Z125 Pro.

DENALI also makes tiny driving and fog lights that don’t look out of place on a small bike like the Z125 Pro. The round DM LED pods are only 1.75” and weigh a half-pound each so that they can be mounted anywhere, even to the front fender, and DENALI mounting brackets make it easy. Only slightly larger at 2.25” around, the D2 LED pods are even brighter but still easy to mount. Both can be customized with amber fog lenses, spotlight or floodlight lenses, and hooked to the DataDim controller to be dual intensity.

DENALI even has a simple yet secure wireless charging phone mount to keep your phone where you can see it. The included CANsmart connection wiring harness makes it a simple plug-and-play installation.