Kawasaki Z900 LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

There are two variants of the Kawasaki Z900. One is a modern style style naked standard with high tech sportbike underpinnings. and the other is true to its classic roots, the Kawasaki Z900RS has the look of the original Kawasaki musclebike, but it provides a laundry list of modern improvements. Make either Z900 even better with DENALI LED lights. Add a set of DENALI fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn to complete the package. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on a Kawasaki Z. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Kawasaki. 

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Kawasaki Z900

You’d think you can’t get much more naked than, well, naked. But along comes Kawasaki and throws the term “supernaked” at us with the Z900.

In a way it’s a very fitting term, though, since the Z900 does bring the “super” to naked bikes. When the Z900 was introduced in 2017, it improved the previous Z800 model in practically every way. The 948cc Z900 is a comfortable, confidence-inspiring street ride. The goodies introduced in the 2020 model, such as traction control and power modes, further improved an already excellent bike.

But even with all the improvements and rider aids in the world, you can still get better. The DENALI range of auxiliary motorcycle lights brings more visibility to Z900, ensuring that both you and other road users stay safe when you’re breezing down open highways or curvy rural lanes.

The DENALI D7 Light Pods provide 15,000 lumens worth of additional driving lighting. They project a beam that stretches down the road more than 1,500 feet, effectively cutting through the darkness. The DataDim Technology featured on the D7s lets you control their intensity with your original high beam switch – no need to fumble around with switch replacements.

The D7 Pods mount easily onto the Z900 with DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps. The clamps feature an octagonal inner profile that grips tightly and securely onto bars or tubes of any diameter. The rotating mounting shelf also lets you position the lights at practically any angle. They’re also ideal for attaching less intense lights – like DENALI D4 or S4 Pods – to provide ditch lighting. No one likes sudden surprises from the roadside brush, after all. If you need lighting that turns with your handlebar, the DENALI D2s make for ideal handlebar spot lights on the Z900.

DENALI’S DRL Visibility Pods do just what their name implies – they make your sleek, angular Z900 visible even on dark roads. With a variety of mounts, you can install the pods wherever the best position for them is, whether on the bike frame, fenders, or elsewhere.

Getting rear-ended rarely has a good outcome. That’s why we developed the B6 Brake Light. Like other DENALI lights, it provides simple plug-and-play installation, and its 180-degree viewing angle – together with six high-power LEDS – informs anyone trailing you when it’s time to slow down. Combine the B6 with the bicolor T3 Switchback Pods, and your bike will shine just as bright front and rear.

The DENALI SoundBomb Horn doesn’t increase your visibility, but that’s not the point anyway. Its 120-decibel roar turns heads when your lights fail to notify a distracted driver of your approach. Just for comparison’s sake, that’s four times louder than your regular motorcycle horn. The SoundBomb’s compact, blacked-out design also ensures that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb on the attractively minimal Z900.

Getting supernaked with your Kawasaki Z900 is at its best when you can put your mind at ease and just go with flow. Let us worry about keeping you visible and focus on racking up miles.

Kawasaki Z900RS & RS Cafe Racer

In order to appeal more to the average street rider, Kawasaki took the race-bred power plant out of the Ninja ZX-9 and created the 948cc Z900 naked bike. But they didn’t stop there. Even though the Z900 was one of the most potent factory street fighters ever, they fired up the styling department and introduced the retro-styled Kawasaki Z900RS and Z900RS Café racer. No matter if you are old school or young blood, Kawasaki has a Z900 for you.

All of the Kawasaki Z900 models feature modern chassis, suspension, and brake technology (including ABS), even the retro-styled models. The motors have been retuned to suit the street fighter and retro bikes better, but you’re still getting more than 100 horsepower at the crank and plenty of torque. The dashboards feature modern LCD panels with multiple functions and ride modes, including traction control.

These bikes aren’t designed for touring, but their more upright ergonomics mean you can ride them all day or night if you’d like. The retro-styled Z900RS with its old-school flat seat lends itself well to strapping a bedroll to the back and throwing on some soft-sided saddlebags.

Denali Electronics can improve your Kawasaki Z900 no matter which model you prefer. For the modern style bike, a pair of 4” square D4 LED pods can provide long-range spotlights, wide floodlights, or a combination of the two. On the more retro bike, the 4” round DR1 LED pods can deliver a 1000’ laser-like beam spotlight, or a hybrid with a 165’ spread flood and a 500+’ spotlight. If both of these sound too big, you might like the 2.25” round D2 or even smaller DM round pods. If you prefer, all of these can be fitted with amber lenses, and can be controlled with the DataDim controller and factory headlight switch for dual intensity function.

If you are looking for some lighting to help other drivers see your bike, Denali has easily mounted LED visibility lights, turn signals, brake lights, and more. The T3 Switchback turn signals come as stalk mounts or pods, providing flashers and running lights brighter than stock and more compact. Add a pair of DRL pods nearly anywhere to provide brilliant white or amber running lights that’ll help you be seen. The B6 pods are similar for the back but provide red brake lights, running lights, and taillights to help keep you from being rear-ended.

If how your bike looks is more important than being seen, Denali Electronics has some of the smallest yet brightest LED turn signals around. The Flush Mount Micro turn signals are brighter than old school incandescent bulbs but measure only 1.5” x .75” x .5”, about the size of your thumb. These solid aluminum units are totally waterproof and practically indestructible.