KTM 690 Duke LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 14 2021

The KTM 690 Duke is a lot of fun jammed into a small package. DENALI LED lighting accessories for added up the ante with added visibility for rider and other motorists alike. Equip your KTM Duke with DENALI spot lights, fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the KTM 690 Duke. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new KTM. 

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KTM 690 Duke

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KTM 690 Duke Lighting & Accessories 

KTM 690 Duke

Some riders want motorcycles that don’t upstage them, simple and reliable and never likely to do anything unexpected. The two-wheeled equivalent of a white rental car. Turn the key, press the starter button, and you know exactly what’s going to happen from the moment you roll out of the driveway until you get home that night. Those riders do not want the KTM 690 Duke. No, sir, they don’t.

KTM is well known for its rowdy and fast motorcycles. Even the ones meant for serious duty, like motocross racers and long-distance adventure-touring rigs, have a wild side, an ability to surprise you with performance or attitude where you least expect it. So what happens when you have a motorcycle whose entire intention is unalloyed fun, pure exuberance, frivolity on a grand scale—wheelies, stoppies, skidding slides. And you’ve barely got to the end of your block. That’s the KTM 690 Duke in a nutshell.

The 690 Duke is a pure crazy naked with the beating heart of a strong, torquey thumper. It’s light, it’s powerful, it wants to wheelie from every stop sign. And while the 690 Duke, Austria’s answer to a slightly civilized supermoto, has been civilized ever so slightly through the years, it’s still a beast. 

Even when you buy yours in signature KTM orange, there’s no guaranteeing you’ll be seen on the highway or not mistaken for something else on your commute home. (A commute that will be far better than the preceding 8 hours in a cubicle.) So DENALI’s motorcycle auxiliary lights can help. Grab one of DENALI’s Articulating Clamp Mounts for the inverted front fork, and add your choice of DENALI LED motorcycle light, from the massively powerful D7—so bright they’ll just see flecks of orange and a disembodied helmet emerging from the setting sun, which is possibly an exaggeration—to the D4, or the newest S4 quad-LED driving light. Since aesthetics are important on a naked bike, you’ll appreciate DENALI’s attention to detail on the light enclosures, the sturdy anodized mounts, and especially the top-class wiring harnesses with DrySeal submersible waterproof connectors and fully vinyl sheathing. No exposed wires here.

And while your actions on the 690 Duke might speak loudly enough, you’ll want the SoundBomb horn to be heard over NPR blaring in the car edging into your lane. Choose from the SoundBomb Compact, which actually is, or the SoundBomb Split (easier to hide in the Duke’s minimal bodywork), or the SoundBomb Mini, which is quite small in stature but big in sound output. Like the Duke 690 itself, what you get when you push the (horn) button is not what you’re expecting.