Suzuki GSXS 750/1000 LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

Sportbike sans bodywork, the Suzuki GSXS 750 and GSXS 1000 are as real-world as it gets. Whether light duty touring or weekend getaway machine the GSXS line will put a smile on your face. Increase the output of your GSXS lighting with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake light for added conspicuity and safety! Here are some of our most popular products for the Suzuki GSXS bikes. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Suzuki. 

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Suzuki GSX-S1000/750

Suzuki took their hard-core canyon carving GSX-R sportbike and remixed it into the GSX-S for better street use with a more upright riding position. The Suzuki GSX-S1000 and GSX-S750 are naked-style sportbikes that are easier to live with day-to-day but no less sporty when the roads get twisty. It took 30 years, but Suzuki came back around to making sporty bikes for riders who prefer the road to the track.

The first GSX-R750 was a revelation when introduced in the mid-1980s, with as much power as the competition wrapped in a frame and chassis 100 lbs lighter. An aluminum frame, lightweight wheels, razor-sharp steering, and grand prix ready bodywork made these bikes the top choice for club racers and professionals everywhere. It wasn’t long before scratched and beat up, but no less fast or furious, motorcycles were turning up used and being converted into “street fighters.”

The streetfighter was a sportbike, typically a Suzuki, with all the broken plastic bodywork thrown away and a simple headlight hung out front. The narrow clip-on handlebars for race track use were removed, and an old school tubular bar was mounted across the fork. It took a few years for the motorcycle manufacturers to notice and capitalize on the trend with their own stripped-down, naked sportbikes, which is precisely what the GSX-S1000 and GSX-S750 are.

These bikes are paired down, but adding some accessories from DENALI Electronics can make them better looking, safer, and more practical. Suzuki provides goofy-looking lollipop turn signals, with weak old school bulbs in them. A set of DENALI T3 Switchback M8 turn signals replace the factory units and provide bright LED blinkers, plus red running lights and auxiliary brake lights in the back, and amber LED blinkers with white auxiliary running lights for the front. 

DENALI also has tiny flush mount micro LED turn signals that can give you that authentic stripped-down streetfighter look.  If you want to keep the factory blinkers, DENALI has small surface-mount DRL running lights in white or amber, and B6 auxiliary brake light/tail lights to help you stand out in traffic and be seen.

If you are the kind of rider to go all night, no matter the weather, DENALI has LED flood and spot lights small enough to mount almost anywhere. The tiny DM pods are less than 2” around and weigh a half-pound each, to mount anywhere, but put out a beam nearly 60 feet wide and 400 feet ahead of you. 

Move up to the slightly larger D2 pods, and you’ll get light more than 500 feet ahead and more than 150 feet across. If you live in an area prone to fog, both can be easily converted to amber lenses for better fog penetration. Add the DataDim controller, and the DENALI lights become dual intensity, controlled by the factory headlight switch.

DENALI has study metal mounting brackets for all these lights, and one for your phone as well, with built-in wireless charging. For the last piece of the puzzle, add a DENALI SoundBomb Mini horn to get the attention of sleepy drivers with a blast twice as loud as most stock horns. If that still isn’t enough, the SoundBomb air horn is slightly larger but four times louder than stock!