Triumph Bonneville LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 14 2021

The Triumph Bonneville has a thoroughly vintage look and feel, but it is a modern fun machine. The addition of DENALI fog lights, brake lights, or daytime running lights is an easy task. DENALI has what you need for a simple bolt-on. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Triumph Bonnie. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Triumph. 

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Triumph Bonneville

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Triumph Bonneville

Motorcycle names don’t come much more recognizable, purely iconic, and thoroughly suggestive as Bonneville. Triumph’s sportbike, which has over its history been the best-handling and among the fastest of all two-wheeled vehicles built, and become everything from bad-boy choppers to “lead sled” off-road racers, right down to meticulously built and stripped-down cafe racers. Is there anything the Bonneville can’t do?

What started in 1959 continues today. No fewer than nine Bonnevilles are offered currently, starting with the T100 and Street Twin, which use a 900cc version of the liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine styled and built to look like a classic but run like a modern motorcycle. There are 1200cc models, the T120s, that include scramblers, bobbers, and one American-style custom that looks like a Bonneville spent the night in Daytona with a Softail. (What happens in Florida stays in Florida, got it?)

Stylish, clean, and reliable, the Bonneville line is probably the most functional it has ever been, meaning more riders commute to work on them, ride them to school, have jolly good fun toying with hard-core sport guys on their plastic-encrusted machines, and even take tours across the state. (Or into the next one if you’re in, say, Rhode Island.) DENALI can make all the Bonnevilles better at all those things with the best, most well-considered motorcycle lighting available.

Start with the M7 DOT-approved headlight, which fits all the Bonneville models using a 7-inch headlight, and that’s most of them. The M7 is plug& play compatible with H4 headlights without wiring changes and offers separate high- and low-beam LED modules plus a halo ring for daytime visibility. Want more? Choose any of our Driving Light Mount with Articulating Bar to place more DENALI lights on the Bonneville’s front fork or crash guards; mounts are for tube in three size ranges, 21mm-29mm, 39mm-49mm, and 50mm-60mm. Any of DENALI’s high-intensity LED driving lights will fit any of these mounts. Imagine a pair of 12,000-lumen D7s along with the M7 headlight. Don’t tailgate cars or you might bubble some trunk paint!

Conspicuity for daily riders also includes the SoundBomb horn, which is designed to fit even into compact bikes like the T100 or T120 Bonneville, as well as DRL light modules for the front and rear ends, T3 Modular Signal Pods (the ultimate custom trick), and B6 tail lights with six bright LEDs that act as an auxiliary running light and a hugely bright extra brake light.