Triumph Street Triple LED light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

For real world naked-standard fun the Triumph Street Triple is hard to beat. The addition of DENALI fog lights, brake lights, or daytime running lights can make your Street Triple more visible to other motorists and increase safety. DENALI Electronics offers easy to install products that make sense. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Triumph Street Triple. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Triumph. 

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Triumph Street Triple Motorcycle

With a rich history of motorcycle building and racing, Triumph is a seasoned player in the motorcycle market. The British born motorcycle company has been making bikes since the early 1900s. The latest batch of Triumph motorcycles are heavily influenced by Moto2, making them performance oriented monsters. 

The 2021 Street Triple power plant is a liquid cooled 765cc 3 cylinder making 121 horsepower and screams to a 11,750rpm redline. The engine puts down the power to the rear wheel with a 6 speed transmission. The transmission has received an update as well, cutting down in mass and more aggressive 1st and 2nd gear. This is thanks to Moto2 engineering innovations giving Triumph’s whole line up a performance boost.

The improvements don’t stop there, the 2021 Street Triple RS is the lightest bike in its class at just under 370lbs! The combination of a more efficient engine and a lighter chassis is always a recipe for a run ride! The Street Triple RS moto2 inspiration continues in the suspension. The suspension is well sorted and planted, making for a fun confident ride. Like most of their bikes, the Street Triple offers fully adjustable front and rear suspension. The combination of adjustable suspension and cutting edge technology makes for a predictable and compliant ride. 

Looking to upgrade your Street Triple RS lights? DENALI has you covered with a wide range of LED Lights. The D7 LED lights make for great fog lights, cutting through the fog with their 15,000 lumens! If that is not bright enough for you, the D7 LED lights are equipped with the ability to increase the intensity with the flip of a switch. This is possible thanks to DENALI’s integration of DataDim technology with most of their lights, controlled by DENALI’s plug-and-play dual intensity controller. 

Looking to add auxiliary lights on your Street Triple, you might want an easy to install switch. Enter, DENALI’s dryseal waterproof switch, they are rugged and will withstand whatever you throw at it, retaining functionality even after being fully submerged in water!

For those looking to take on the canyons with the Street Triple RS, make sure you are visible to oncoming traffic. DENALI has flush-mount DRL pods that can be utilized as auxiliary brake or running lights. They are powerful LED lights that are much brighter than stock, increasing your visibility. Their T3 LED turn signal pods can be flush mounted for a stealthy install. The T3 LED turn signal pods are perfect for increasing visibility in city riding to ensure drivers see you switching lanes.

Looking to make a long trip on your Street Triple? Don’t let your phone die in the middle of the trip. The Wireless Charging Phone Mount with CANsmart™ connection is a rugged phone charger that mounts on your Triumph Street Triple, so you can keep on riding! Nothing can kill a good ride worse than a dead phone, make sure it never happens to you!

DENALI offers every LED light you'll need for any application for your 2021 Triumph Street Triple. DENALI designs lights with Motorists in mind. They offer a wide range of LED Lights and mounts, so finding LED lights that fit your lifestyle won’t be an issue.