KTM 990 SM/SMR/SMT LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 01 2021

The KTM 990 Supermoto, and variants, are the weapon of choice for hooligan riders the world over.  Add more attitude with super bright DENALI LED lighting accessories for attention grabbing visibility. Equip your KTM SM with DENALI spot lights, fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake light. Here are some of our most popular products for the KTM 990. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new KTM. 

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Although KTM has these days expanded into well-known street bikes, the company made its name with off-roaders. With that in mind, it’s a real shame that the Austrian motorcycle maker retired its 990 Supermoto in 2013 – it brought together the best of both KTM worlds.

The 990 SM, introduced in 2008, came in a couple of varieties. The SMR was the first iteration, growing out of the earlier 950 Supermoto, and it was also the more purist-y variant. The SMT, which arrived at the scene a year later, was more touring focused with a bigger tank, higher weight, and plusher seat. Although both were perhaps primarily intended for street riding, they were supermotos – they could take on dirt just fine.

And boy howdy, did they ever. The 999cc engine cranks out a respectable 115 horses that gallop along at a top speed of around 140 mph – a bit more or less depending on which iteration you’re riding. Really, the only real difference in their performance is the suspension. The SMT bounces more softly since it’s meant for long-range freeways travel. That’s about it.

But enough with the reminiscing already. People still ride these stallions, you know – that’s probably why you’re reading this in the first place. And since you’re going to be thrashing those unlit backroads, you need to take care of your visibility when the sun goes down. DENALI has a whole bunch of auxiliary motorcycle lights for just such an occasion.

The D7 Light Pods make an ideal riding light choice for the 990 SM. In daylight, their aggressive styling blends perfectly with your Supermoto. In the dark, they cast a powerful 15,000-lumen beam down the road. The included DENALI DataDim Technology makes it possible to control their intensity straight from your OEM high beam switch.

The D7 Pods attach quickly and easily to your bike with our Articulating Bar Clamps. Their octagonal inner profile grips firmly to any tube or bar – like your fenders or forks. They also feature a rotating mounting shelf that lets you freely angle your lights. Might we recommend our D4 or S4 Light Pods to illuminate the ditch while you’re at it?

The D2 Light Pods (that’s a lot of D-numbers) complement our other lights when you slap them onto your handlebar. With equally simple installation, they’ll turn whichever your bars turn, providing bright spot lights for your 990 SM.

You have to be visible to others on dark roads as well. Our DRL Light Visibility Pods can be fender, offset, or fender mounted to give you that visibility boost you need. Combine them with the B6 Brake Light on your license plate and nobody will miss you on the road.

Oh, and just in case your Supermoto’s signature KTM roar isn’t enough to attract attention, you can screw on the DENALI SoundBomb Horn. That’s an extra 120 decibels on demand if you need to wake up a careless driver.

The 990 SM was and is an amazing street machine. We really should petition KTM to bring this bike back. In the meantime, we at DENALI want to make sure you can keep safely enjoying the bike you have.